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Custom Songs


As a composer, I am always accepting commissions for new works. Generally my style is a very hybrid approach, incorporating elements from all my musical interests (which is pretty much everything). Most of my experience is in the Western idiom, but am open to non-Western (if you are patient while I ask many questions to get a feel for it) and have a moderate amount of experience in Japanese, Chinese, and Indonesian ensembles.

Custom Songs:
Looking for that perfect gift for someone (or for yourself)?

I (jimlapbap) have been doing customized songs of many genres for 18 years.

​All songs are written FROM SCRATCH, so it is completely unique.

If interested please contact me with inquiries for details and exact price. Rough estimates are: $100 by myself, $200 with external vocalist (this varies by details). Turnaround time is usually 1-2 weeks (depending on details).
Styles/Influences requested in the past:
Pink Floyd
rap rock
Beach Boys
the Doors
doo wop
​Frank Sinatra
​Maroon 5

Example: Melody - about a lady who always seemed to be working when there was bad weather


I am a composer (PhD in Music Composition) and songwriter. I have written music for numerous styles both in the classical and popular idioms. My YouTube page is mostly stylistic arrangements of pop songs. In addition to the 


1. You contact me with your idea. I give you a quote, and if you agree, you pay 1/2 up front, 1/2 when completed.
​2. You send me as much information as you can about the person and music.
3. I send you lyrics to approve.
3a. I revise until you approve.
4. I write the music FROM SCRATCH. 
4a. I send the parts to paid musicians to record their parts.
5. I record and put together the music.
6. I send a sample to you to approve.
6a. I revise until you approve.
7. I send you the final song.
​8. Enjoy!

Equipment/Software Used

​If you choose the cheapest option, all vocals will be done by me. If you choose the "external performer," they are essentially pooled from my connections across the internet.
​I can usually cover a variety of musical styles vocally, but some are not possible, and I will especially if the style works best with a female vocalist, or if it is in a style from an ethnicity that I am not.
I have a very wide selection of virtual instruments. I don't want to say I can do everything, but it's close. I can create the sound of most pop/classical/folk music from all over the world.
  • What WON'T you do?
    There are 2 reasons I will not be able to do a customized song. In these instances, I will refund your purchase. 1: I do not have the resources available to match the style you requested. Generally these involve vocals. Such as: Any text for full choir. I do not have a full choir at my disposal. I have choir available as background sounds like in movie soundtracks, but not one where they can sing specfic words. When it is one part per person, like a barbershop quartet or madrigal, this is no problem. 2: The content might be questionable. This is incredibly rare, but if you were to request something specifically I am not comfortable doing a song about, I will let you know. Like my YouTube channel, I generally try to keep it PG or lower. Most of the time, the innuendo or profanity substitution ends up being funny anyway.
  • How long will this take?
    As it is completely customized, it can depend on the difficulty of creating the song, and if there are other open orders. I will always give you updates. Best case scenario is a few days, but the average is around a week, but it could be longer.
  • Who does this?
    Me! Everything is done by me except the outsourcing of the vocalist when needed.
  • What do the songs sound like?
    Generally, they tend to lean on the humorous side, as rhyming about someone's specific personality frequently ends up being amusing to all involved, especially if there are inside jokes. This is not always the case, I was once requested to make song based on someone's favorite Bible passage and that ended up very straighforward.
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