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Collaboration opportunities!

Fill in the info at the bottom if interested!

Want to contribute to a jimlapbap video? I am ALWAYS looking for performers to contribute to my videos!

I do not consider myself to be a performer first and foremost. But, most of the time I have to perform it so people know what I'm going for. Those usually end up being what I end up releasing. But, I would ALWAYS rather other performers contribute!!


Most videos are around 30-60 seconds long. You may contribute a many or as few parts as you like.


Most things will require you to be able read Western music notation. Because I have limited recording time and space, I can only provide a click track and and MIDI rendition of the parts.


You need to be willing to appear on the video performing. You can record everything ahead of time and lip sync or mime playing your instrument.


Payment unfortunately is very minimal. I will split any revenue I receive from it on social media evenly. If the video does well enough to warrant a full single release, I will pay you a performers' fee and 45% of revenue from the streaming and download sites.

Current projects

Want to collaborate with jimlapbap?

If you are interested in one of the open collaboration projects, please contact me with this form with the song(s) and part(s) you want to be.

Thanks for submitting!

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