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About "us"

jimlapbap is one person. And is several?

Based on a made up sandwich for a song scrapped from his sci-fi musical, jimlapbap's videos on YouTube range in viewership from 100 (turning Lady Gaga into Gagaku) to 300,000 ("Sail" as a sea shanty).

Growing up in as an American in Japan, he has an interest of setting music in "out of place" contexts, mostly for humorous purposes. 

Outside of the internet, he is a composer of a wide variety of music. He was written for a wide variety of musicians, from orchestras to rock bands to jazz bands to choirs to chamber groups to non-Western instruments.


Academically, he has a Masters of Music in Composition from UMKC and a PhD in Music Composition from the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. He has taught music composition, arranging, orchestration, and computer music at the collegiate level with 9 years experience, including 15 semesters in Malaysia.

Outside of music, he is has been a baseball fan of the Fukuoka SoftBank (nee Daiei) Hawks since 1989 and Kansas City Royals since 1999. He also enjoys writing biographies about himself in the third person.

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